Hobbit-style home for radical simplicity

4 novembre 2015
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Dan Price 2 Dan Price 3Minimalist, self-described “hobo artist”, Dan Price is a very inspiring person. The award-winning creator of the artful Moonlight Chronicles and author of Radical Simplicity is well-known for his hobbit-style home in Oregon, that he built himself over a period of several years out of reclaimed materials. Price, who has worked as a photojournalist, has travelled and camped all over the world. Calling himself a “neo-hobo” of sorts, his fascination with self-made buildings began when he was a youngster. Interestingly, he mentions the Lord of the Rings movies as the inspiration for his own hobbit home, as well as the stories of hermits who lived in spiritual contemplation. His current way of living is inspired by years of backpacking, camping and being on the road. Read more



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