Happier dolls without make up!

28 febbraio 2015
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tumblr_niiyz6DAQ11u8oyeuo1_r1_1280When Australian mom Sonia Singh began giving discarded Bratz dolls natural makeunders, she wasn’t setting out to make a statement . . . She simply loved playing with dolls. But when her Tree Change Dolls went viral, the world saw Singh’s creations less as playthings and more as a statement against the hypersexualization of little girls everywhere. By stripping the toys of their heavy makeup and unrealistically proportioned facial features, Sonia makes way for more relatable faces and outfits — and kids are loving it. “They look like someone our age,” stated one little girl as she played with a Tree Change Doll, pointing out that most dolls marketed at children don’t resemble them in the slightest. Watch the video to find out more about this inspiring project and the woman behind it, and you’ll join the parents waiting in line for one of these refreshingly realistic toys.


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