Environment SOS in EU 2030?

22 aprile 2014
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Jose Manuel Barroso and Connie Hedegaard at EU 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy, BrusselsGreece is at the helm of the EU Presidency till the end of June 2014, with a large debt and a heavy agenda both inside and outside of the country ranging from immigration issues to environmental concerns. But a closer look at the European Commission’s proposals for climate and energy policies up to 2030 reveals that Greece and the EU will be up against a lot of criticism on the environmental front. Environmental NGOs accuse the EU of clashing with what is technically right and what is politically acceptable. The question now is: Will the European Commission fully follow expert modeling, or will it settle for less, for the sake of politics? On 22 January, a blockbuster EU climate and energy package was unveiled, comprising new legislative proposals on subjects from shale gas and tar sands to structural carbon market reform and industrial competitiveness. Brussels is pushing for a binding 40% reduction in carbon emissions from 1990 levels and has set a target for renewable energy at 27%. These 27%, however, will only be binding at EU level. No mandatory goals have been set for individual Member States, a move that has been widely criticised. Last January Green NGOs gathered  in front of the European Commission in Brussels to protest against the EU’s new climate and energy targets for 2030, chanting slogans such as “Frack off Barroso” and “Climate SOS”. Green groups have already accused the Commission of drafting plans under the influence of the fossil fuels industry and countries like the UK, Poland and Spain. (by Katerina Batzaki, Worldwatch Institute Europe)


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